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How Toxic is Your Stuff? (purses, toys, back to school gear, carseats, cars and pet gear)

Sure, you’ve monitored the toys for recalls and toxic contents, but what about your handbag? Does it have that shiny fake leather feel (read:PVC). And I’ve written about toxins in carseats on this site before, but it is hard to keep track of what the best options are. Thankfully, has developed a searchable database […]

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Top Green Parenting Stories of 2009

It was a busy year– so much happening in the world of environmental health and green living. From deciding whether to vaccinate your child for the Swine Flu, to the continued Saga of BPA, and the increased reporting on green and environmental topics, there was never a lull of topics to write about. But maybe […]

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Post Christmas Toy Safey Checklist

(Please forgive my lack of posting for a few days. Our family was stricken with an awful intestinal bug. I’ve been down for the count and it hasn’t been pretty.) Okay, readers, I know that despite your best intentions, some plastic from China has probably entered your house over the holiday. Maybe even painted wood […]

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